Dr. Miller has been my dentist for the past 20 years. He is so pleasant and his staff are amazing as well. I have had many fillings and crowns and he does a very good job. I highly recommend Dr. Miller.

Carey K.

On Christmas Eve, I discovered that a small piece of enamel was missing on my top left canine tooth near the gum line. Concerned that it was a cavity, I called his office the Monday after Christmas to try to get an appointment, since my semi-annual cleaning isn't until the middle of February. I was told that they were closed for the rest of the year, which I didn't know about, but totally understood. The earliest that they could get me in was on 1/6/22 at 9:00am. That was fine and I took the window.

I arrived, checked in, and was taken back to the "New York" room, where Dr. Davis took x-rays of my teeth. Dr. Miller later came in and examined my tooth, and he said that it was indeed a cavity, and that I needed a filling.

I haven't had a filling in nearly 20 years and had forgotten what it felt like, so I had to ask him. He was courteous about my question and he told everything that would happen. He injected my gum line with anesthesia, which stung a little but it wasn't too bad (I've felt pain much worse than that). And the rest is history. My upper lip was numb for a couple of hours afterwards.

My tooth is now all better thanks to Dr. Miller's great work. My teeth are still in great shape to this day.

Jacqui C.

I have met Dr. Miller and I'm very pleased with his work and his quiet, friendly demeanor. He's a consummate professional and I'm glad I made the move to Dr. Miller.

Norm K.Elite

We were fed up with the inefficient service (or lack thereof) at Shadow Mountain Dentistry so I asked a neighbor for THEIR dentist's name. We are SO GLAD we switched to Dr. Miller! He's super-nice, professional, and his dental techs and office team are Number 1!! There have been times we didn't have insurance yet needed our teeth cleaned. We were NOT "taken to the cleaners" for the procedure

Cynthia C.

We have been seeing Dr. Miller for over 15 years. Even though we live in Henderson we will always travel to see him and his staff. Christy is the BEST hygienist and the front office staff are always friendly.

Penny C.

I have always hated going to the dentist, but I have had nothing but great experiences at Dr. Miller's office. The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxing. 5 Stars!

Nick P.

I have been going to Dr. Miller since 2001. After spending years trying to find a good dentist, I found him. Not only was I able to get over my "severe" anxiety about going to the dentist, he has transformed my life with his superior work. I would not smile much because my teeth were so horrible. After some major dental work, I cannot stop smiling. My confidence and pride escalated. He does superior work and with all the work I have had done, never has one thing hurt. Seriously, how often can you say that about your dentist? He is kind, ethical and is really a great man. While not so happy with his hygienists(I get my teeth cleaned elsewhere) the rest of his staff is top notch as well. I have recommended several people to Dr. Miller and they all have thanked me and have agreed. HIs office manager, Kathy, is a gem. Really good people

Janelle J.

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